THE REFORMED UNION: A British Federation

1. The Present is not an Ordinary Time

2. Parliament, Sovereignty and Federalism

3. Political Institutions in a British Federation

4. Political Economy of a British Federation

5. Unionism and Nationalism

6. Forging the British Federation

State of Innovation: Welsh Public Services and the Challenge of Change

A Cardiff City Region Metro: transform, regenerate, connect

Air Connectivity for Wales and the West

Evidence to the Commission on Devolution in Wales: A Stable, Sustainable Devolution Settlement for Wales

Complete Changing Union Research Papers: A Stable, Sustainable Settlement for Wales

1. The Capacity of the National Assembly

2. Policy-Making Capacity of Political Parties in Wales

3. The Capacity of the Civil Service in Wales

4. Energy Policy and Powers

5. The Powers Wales Needs to Develop an Integrated Transport Policy

6. Policing Powers

7. Wales and the Welfare Agenda

8. The European Influence in Wales

9. Devolution and the Media

10. The Scrutiny Capacity of Civil Society in Wales

Public finance in a changing union: The financial relations between governments

Federalism, devolution and the breech of British sovereignty

A federal future for the UK?

Turning rhetoric into reality: Legislating for sustainable development

Growing our woodlands in Wales: The 100,000 hectare challenge

Growing our woodlands in Wales: IWA Conference Report

IWA Changing Union Conference Report

IWA National Education Conference Report

Work-life balance for men in Wales – capturing the benefits of flexible working

Work-life balance for men in Wales – Bilingual Executive Summary

Welsh Perspectives on Ageing

Safbwyntiau Cymreig ar Heneiddio

Wales is a changing union: First submission to the Silk Commission from the Changing Union Partnership Finance and Funding Working Group

Delivering Quality for Wales: Response to the BBC Trust consultation on Delivering Quality First

Punching above its weight – Review of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust in Wales